What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

Karl Lagerfeld

I remember that in kindergarten, when my friends collected candy wrappers or coins, I collected images of dogs. You will say: what can a five-year-old boy collect? Its possible! Calendars, stamps, envelopes, magazines, books, and even photos of strangers with their dogs. 

Mom had a hard time: if I saw a calendar with a dog in the kiosk, I needed it. 

These pictures become my passion. If I could forget the bike in the yard, then I kept the images of dogs as the apple of my eye. Reviewed, lovingly shifted. It was my magical world. A world that I, as a boy, really wanted to get into. At least in dreams. 

Years have passed. And the dream came true. I’m here. In this beautiful world. The world of beautiful dogs, bright pictures, friendliness and great love. I invite you to visit this world, too. 

Are we going?


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